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Fire Fly Glow Dive Beacon

Product ID:DL007

Ever go diving at night or in the dark with a friend/  and find your self playing hind and seek since you are not able to find/ locate your friend, trying to find your friend or instructor shouldn't be an issue or make you panic while diving at nigh . With the Promate Fire Fly Glow Dive Beacon can help! Promate Fire Fly Glow Dive Beacon  is environmental friendly and is one of the smallest signal light in the market for scuba diving, Promate Fire Fly Glow Dive Beacon can make it easier to find your friend under water, you may also use Promate Fire Fly Glow Dive Beacon on land as well such as, jogging, raving, group outting at night, playing games such as team tag, camping in the mountain it get very dark at night, taking a walk around the block with families. the light last about 20 hour.

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