Optical Lens for MK260 – Piece – OP260

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Optical Lens for MK260 – Piece (nearsighted -1.0 to -8.5 by increments of 0.5)

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Weight 0.5 lbs

R-1.0, R-1.5, R-2.0, R-2.5, R-3.0, R-3.5, R-4.0, R-4.5, R-5.0, R-5.5, R-6.0, R-6.5, R-7.0, R-7.5, R-8.0, R-8.5, L-1.0, L-1.5, L-2.0, L-2.5, L-3.0, L-3.5, L-4.0, L-4.5, L-5.0, L-5.5, L-6.0, L-6.5, L-7.0, L-7.5, L-8.0, L-8.5