Power Inflator w/ ScubAqua HornPower Inflator w/ ScubAqua Horn – PI300

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Standard power inflator with built-in ScubaAqua Horn – Can be used to retro-fit most BCD”s
ScubaAqua Horn works both underwater and on the surface
Above water range approx 0.25 – 0.5 mile
Requires just a tiny bit of air to activate the underwater horn
Uses standard L/P inflator hose and 1″ BCD corrugated hose
Steel pin in air outlet to connect to BCD”s “Pull Dump” feature
Ridge on outside of the air outlet to create a secure seal with the BCD”s corrugated hose
Comfortable mouthpiece for easy oral inflation
Great ergonomic design allows access to all three functions: inflate, deflate, and horn with one grip!
High strength plastic polymer housing provides durability without the weight
Pass through coupling (included) to allow for the connection of the optional OC500L regulator
Horn is extremely loud above water – keep away from ears at all times

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Weight 1 lbs