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Everything you need to save your dive in this convenient package. Features of this great kit include: Fin Strap, Mask Strap, Weight Keeper, Hose Keeper, Padded Mouthpiece, Tie Wraps, Contour Mouthpiece Cover, and Aluminum Carabineer. AUTHORIZED DEALER! FULL MANUFACTURER´S WARRANTY!!! Don’t miss out on your dive because of gear problems; get this great save a dive kit!!!

Fin Strap X 1 pc
Mask Strap X 1 pc
Weight Keeper X 1 pc
Hose Keeper X 1 pc
Padded Mouthpiece X 1 pc
Tie Wraps X 3 pc
Contour Mouthpiece Cover X 1 pc
Aluminum Carabineer X 1 pc

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Weight 1 lbs